Singing with your baby is so important and just what they need. Your baby doesn’t need gadgets, gimmicks and gizmos. They need you. And your voice. Come to Musical Bumps classes for babies and learn some new songs and make some new friends!

Singing with your newborn baby

Our first stage classes are for babies from newborn until around their first birthday. We teach parents and carers new songs to sooth crying babies and lullabies for sleep time. There are songs for playtime (bouncing, tickling and peek-a-boo) and songs for other daily activities.  Classes last from 35–40 minutes but there is always time for refreshments and a chat at the end.
Sessions are relaxed: noisy babies, feeding babies, sleeping babies and active babies are all welcome!
We love seeing clips of your babies and children enjoying our songs and activities. These are just lovely!! Please share with anyone that might be interested in a Musical Bumps class.

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