Musical Bumps Classes offer the very best for your child!  This is because we understand how children learn, we choose the very best music available and we provide age-appropriate activities.  Below, you’ll find our range of classes for families to bring their children along – if you are looking for support at your school, nursery or children’s centre, then please go to the Schools and Nurseries page.


A lovely and gentle class for you to enjoy with your baby from birth to their 1st birthday. Find out more.

1-2 years

A lively class for children from 12months.  Action songs and lots of percussion and puppets! Find out more.

2-3 years

Watch your two year old learn as they play – an interactive class full of fun and new musical ideas. Find out more.

3-4 years

Children will develop their singing voices, begin to learn about musical notation and enjoy a more complex range of percussion. Find out more.

Special Needs

Musical Bumps teachers are always happy to deliver sessions for children with additional needs.  These can be one-to-one or in small groups. Find out more.

Musical Bumps at home

Our teachers can visit your home for small groups or one-to-one sessions.  These can be one-off celebrations, or regular visits.

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