At Musical Bumps we take professional development very seriously!  All of our teachers are invited to attend regular training sessions where we share teaching tactics and tips, business support and new ideas for promoting classes.  At the end of April we met for our most recent weekend which was held at our head office in Kent.

Musical Bumps teachers travelled from various locations across the UK – we are not sure who travelled furthest – Sue from West Wales or Alison from Liverpool – but both were very pleased to have made it for a fun-packed, dynamic and musical weekend!

Naturally we did lots of singing – some old favourites and some new songs that we’ll be sharing in our classes.  Musical Bumps classes are based on the Hungarian Kodaly methodology of music education and we discussed this approach and how we apply it to our classes to make our classes the best that they can be!

We were also delighted to present senior teacher certificates to seven of our team – all of whom have been business owners for five years now – congratulations to all of them – and we hope they will enjoy their bottles of bubbly! 

We also covered behaviour management strategies, health and safety and safeguarding and our teachers were given an overview of our summer lesson plans and repertoire.

Training on Sunday was more focussed on developing each teacher’s business with guest speakers sharing their know-how on social media, business planning and development.

Feedback from our teachers who attended was excellent.  Most of all, our teachers love getting together to discuss ideas and share the highs and lows of running a Musical Bumps business (mostly its highs!).  Saturday evening was spent at a local restaurant and our teachers even entertained other diners with their beautiful singing!

Here are a few of us singing at the end of our last training day:

It’s always nice to receive comments from our teachers after training, here are just a few:

“Just wanted to say what a fabulous training weekend it was”
“Just lovely to see my ‘Musical Bumps’ family again.”
“A huge thank you to everyone for the brilliant training weekend. The learning, the organising, the sharing, the singing, the teaching, the laughing, the friendships!  You’re a great bunch of people.”

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