Musical Bumps may not be the biggest early childhood business out there, but we strive to be the best.  So what is it that makes us stand out from the crowd?

Real music – our repertoire is chosen to enable children to learn.  The songs and games we use all have a purpose; many support the steady pulse, some will prepare the way for language development, others will help children to develop key social skills, or musical skills.  Nothing happens by accident!  Our teachers are all trained to deliver real music –  with specially commissioned backing tracks for our dances, shake-alongs and just a few hand-picked songs, there’s no singing along to pre-recorded songs at Musical Bumps!

Real education – All our teachers are carefully trained by recognised experts in the field of music and of early childhood education.  We like to keep right up to date – thus ensuring that Musical Bumps fully supports the revised EYFS curriculum coming into place this year.

Real fun – We know children learn best through play – our classes are playful and engaging. We have enough percussion and puppets for everyone to use as well as colourful resources to support circle games and dances.  Many of our children who attend would like every day to be a “Musical Bumps day”.

But don’t just take my word for it – come along and see for yourself!  Whether you’re interested in joining our team of teachers, planning on inviting us to work at your nursery or keen to bring your child to one of our classes, why not get in touch today?

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