Singing silly songs is really important. In fact, nursery rhymes are just ‘yesterday’s silly songs’ aren’t they? So is it OK to sing new silly songs too, or should we stick to music of past generations? As firm believers in traditional music, Musical Bumps certainly likes to use music that’s been passed down from grandparent to grandchild (and it’s often grandparents rather than parents – and always has been – who have lots of time to sing with their offspring!).

Last weekend we decided it was time to embrace our sillier selves. It was training weekend – and we spent lots of time together (more than twenty teachers – a lovely team) singing songs and sharing ideas. In addition to this, we recorded the Musical Bumps 2018 Christmas video. We don’t imagine it will be quite as popular at the John Lewis ad, or some of the other festive treats we eagerly await, but we had a lot of fun and can’t wait to share it with you. There’s nothing stranger than dressing up and singing around the Christmas tree (especially when there is a blue dinosaur on top instead of the usual fairy or star!) in October!

After we’d ‘done’ Christmas, there was time for more merry-making. You’ve seen ‘Baby Shark’ – and you may even have seen the James Corden version – but now there’s a Musical Bumps version. All very silly – but we had so much fun! You’ll have to wait for the Christmas video, but you can watch our shark song (and try to spot your teacher) here:

Once again, this reminds us of just how joyful singing can be! And if it is a little silly, then that’s fine too. Singing together makes us feel that we’re part of a team or community. There’s nothing better than feeling like you belong. This is true for parents of very young children, and for the children themselves too. It works in schools, offices and care homes. Singing is good for you – and if you have a small child, why not come and sing with the experts! Musical Bumps – real music, real education, real fun!

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