Director of Musical Bumps, Sarah Marsh, is enjoying her road trip around Musical Bumps classes.  This time she visits the Fulbourne Centre in Cambridgeshire – where she joins Jackie’s lovely classes!

“At Musical Bumps we like to find top-class venues – the Fulbourne Centre is no exception.  Well sign-posted, easy parking and a welcoming venue!  Jackie’s room in the centre is also just about perfect – in the goldilocks zone (not to big, not too small, just right!).  Jackie added some lovely colourful touches too with brightly coloured floor mats to make sure everyone was sitting comfortably!

Jackie’s classes are lively and full of fun – she knows everybody’s names and the children confidently chat to her with suggestions for favourite songs and enjoying a bit of conversation with their popular teacher!  Parents love the classes too – with one pleased to admit that they come twice a week (it’s their favourite activity all week, so why not double the fun?!).  Another parent commented “it’s our favourite thing – she [her daughter] was talking about Musical Bumps and Jackie all the way here and we’ve already sung the pancake song in the buggy this morning when we walked the dog!”

One parent even said she recognised  me from our Youtube channel – and that she does a Musical Bumps YouTube session on a
daily basis – wow!

Jackie trained as an actor, has an amazing singing voice and has many years of early childhood education under her belt – these skills come together perfectly at Musical Bumps  and it is clear to see she is a real professional!  Her classes are well managed, and she has an easy way with the parents and children – sharing little observations and jokes along the way. She even brought some of her own magic to the class  too – with a clever trick (how many music teachers can turn a caterpillar into a butterfly – all the children were spellbound!).


Jackie’s fun packed class for over ones included caterpillar finger puppets, and lots of bubbles – all hugely interactive.  Parents and grandparents got involved too and there was lots of happy singing!  The 2+ class that followed was busy and great fun – especially exciting when the parachute came out.  The children loved hiding underneath and playing peek-a-boo over and over again!  This class also included the ‘socks box’ and lots of silly silly songs with socks used as impromptu glove puppets – one of Musical Bumps’ favourite games!  The children really use their voices when they have puppets in their hands – and sock ‘puppets’ allow for all sorts of creative and imaginative play – they really get involved!


“Higgledy piggledy POP! I’m a silly sock…….” (you’ll have to come along to find out how this particular rhyme ends!


The final class I watched was the baby class which was altogether more gentle and patient.  Jackie gave space and time for every child – with energy and bouncing for older babies and gentle rocking and singing for the tiny ones.  Such a lovely class – the perfect end to a perfect morning!  Thank you to Jackie for letting me come and visit!

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