Hello and welcome to the Musical Bumps blog.  It’s been quite a week for us…. “but it’s still the summer holidays” I hear you all crying.  Well for our head office, life continues at a frantic pace right through the holiday period.  This week began with a lovely birthday party for a very special little girl.  Musical Bumps birthday parties are always special – we choose music just for the birthday child, and make them feel very important – but for this little girl, it also marked her last week of summer holidays before starting primary school…..she’s so excited!

The rest of this week has had me in a spin.  The lesson plans for the year were my main priority over the summer (all the Musical Bumps teachers will be pleased to hear THAT!) but then there was also the new website to consider. The development of this site has been ticking along for a little while now – but all of a sudden I realised it was time to renew hosting the old site for another year, or make the move.  We have (as you can see) made the move.  It’s been a roller coaster of a ride, but I think we’re there.

If your teachers don’t get back to your emails straight away over the next few days, it’s because we’re setting up new web access for them – any blips should be sorted by the end of the weekend – my fingers, toes, legs (but not eyes!) are crossed!

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