What is the background of a typical Musical Bumps teacher?

There is no typical Musical Bumps teacher! We will consider applications from anyone with an interest or background in music or education. Men and women of any age or background are welcome to contact us.

All our teachers love working with babies, young children and families. Musical Bumps teachers are energetic, confident and self-motivated. Many of our existing teachers are keen amateur or freelance musicians who are interested in developing their own musical skills and applying them to working with the very young.

Do I need to play a musical instrument?

The voice is the first and most important musical instrument! Whilst we expect all our teachers to have good and confident voices, we don’t require teachers to have other instrumental skills.

Do I need any teaching experience?

It is not necessary to have formal qualifications in music or teaching as full initial and ongoing training is provided.

How many hours will I need to work a week?

A Musical Bumps business can be full-time, or organised to fit around your lifestyle and commitments. Some of our teachers have a 20 hour teaching week, providing a substantial income. As a minimum we suggest working towards ten classes or contracts a week and we encourage you to include parties, holiday sessions and occasional or regular Saturday classes.

Classes are usually term-time only and can be easily fitted around family commitments or combined with other part-time work.

Can I employ other staff?

Some existing areas hire additional teachers to share their workload and to build their business. Musical Bumps Ltd approves and trains all potential teachers and requires all teaching staff to attend ongoing training.

Can I work in schools, nurseries and Sure Starts?

Yes! Alongside our work with local families, there are opportunities to provide Musical Bumps in local day nurseries, pre-schools, Sure Start children’s centres and the like. Some of our teachers also work with children and adults with learning difficulties and we offer parties for Musical Bumps children and others.

How much can I earn

You can make a good living from Musical Bumps. We will support you in all your endeavours and help you to make excellent returns from your hard work! As with any business. the more time you invest, the more likely you are to succeed.

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