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Why sing with your baby?

Singing with your baby is so important and just what they need. Your baby doesn't need gadgets, gimmicks and gizmos. They need you. And your voice. Come to Musical Bumps classes for babies and learn some new songs and make some new friends! Our first stage classes are...

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Business Launch in Medway – A Runaway Success!

Emma Davis has just launched one of our new Musical Bumps businesses - she's based in the Medway Towns in North Kent.  We caught up with her to hear how it is all going!  Click here for details of her classes. Why did you choose a Musical Bumps business? When I was...

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You never stop learning!

You never stop learning! In my humble opinion, anyone who says they've stopped learning is a liar.  About fifteen years ago, I was working in a school in Hackney (teaching music of course!!).  The head teacher had recently returned from being a lecturer at teacher...

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Scrunchies – the best early years music resource?

We love scrunchies! This giant elastic circle can be used for circle games, for singing "Row, row, row the boat", copying songs like "everybody do this" and for circle dances! If you are very careful they can be used for pinging too (sit on the floor - don't let it...

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Musical Bumps – supporting speech and language in Kent!

Our Director, Sarah Marsh, visited Kent County Council’s Early Years & Childcare Equality & Inclusion Conference on 16th November. She was there to deliver a workshop all about using music to support speech and language skills. Delegates were WOWED by our...

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