Sarah, Founder and Director of Musical Bumps, is out and about this month visiting as many areas and classes as she can!  This week she paid a visit to The Big Fun House in Canterbury – this time she was teaching classes rather than observing.

We caught up with Sarah after the classes to see how she got on!

Tell us about the Big Fun House! OK – let me start by saying all my kids are adults now (or nearly), so soft play centres aren’t part of my life any more.  I might even go as far as saying I’d avoid them if I could!  But this one – wow – it’s so lovely.  Easy parking, not too huge, clean and welcoming.  Simon and the Big Fun House staff couldn’t have been more helpful!  The room they have for Musical Bumps classes is just right – light and airy, with carpet and enough space for fun and learning.

How did you get on with the classes? It’s always hard jumping in to cover a class – especially when you don’t know the children – but the families were so kind and welcoming to me.  I started with a class for three year olds – a super class with lovely children.  They joined in with my songs – and helped me out with some of the solos!  We got so carried away with my secret weapon, and with the Doggie, Doggie game, that the time flew past!  The next class was for younger children – again everyone got really involved and we had a super time!  I was so impressed with the amount of ‘joining in’ from all the children – and their evident joy when favourite songs were about to start!

Any funny moments? Yes – I was quite taken about when one little girl told me (clear as day) that she was one year old.  Such confidence and clear speech – wow!  And when another three year old not only told me her name, but spelt it out for me as I was taking the register!  I also got in trouble for not taking stickers – oops.  I won’t make that mistake again.  I’ve promised (on Sara’s behalf) that they will get double stickers next week…. let’s hope she reads this!

Come on then – what’s your ‘secret weapon’? When I turn up at a new class, or find myself working with new children, I always like to bring an ice-breaker.  Something that will help them relax and join in without feeling shy.  Sneakily, I asked Sara (the usual teacher there) if she used the football much?  She said no, so I borrowed my neighbour’s brightly coloured ball and we sang lots of bouncing and rolling songs.  As predicted, the children were so pleased about this that they forgot to be shy!  Always carry a secret weapon – that’s my motto!

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