Musical Bumps arrives in South West Wales

Classes will be starting in Pembrokeshire from 24 April and will be held in Narberth, Haverfordwest and Pembroke for babies, toddlers and pre-school children.  Whilst the class is predominantly an English language class, we are thrilled to be including a few songs in Welsh – an exciting and new departure for Musical Bumps!

These Family Music sessions will be run by Sue Mathias, a primary school teacher with a passion for music.  Sue has recently embarked on an MA in Early Childhood Music Education.  She also plays the flute, piano and loves singing.  Sue says, “having taught music to primary aged children, I have not only experienced the joy and fun that music brings but also how music can develop and enhance social, language and mathematical skills and prepare children for school.”

Sue Mathias teaching

Sue’s classes will take place at the Picton Centre adjacent to Pembrokeshire County Hall in Haverfordwest on a Monday and at the Bloomfield Centre in Narberth on a Wednesday.

Further information on Sue and her classes can be found here:

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