Lucy is our newest licensed teacher and is now running classes in South East London in Catford, Forest Hill and Dulwich.  Head office interviewed her about how she is getting on – and to find out a little bit more about the person behind the smile!

Why did you choose a Musical Bumps business?

Becoming a Musical Bumps teacher really appealed to me as there is a huge emphasis on fun! Music education is a passion of mine, and I truly believe that making learning a fun experience is vital. I also love making others happy through music!   I have seen the positive effects it has on others, and how it is proven to be beneficial for babies and young children’s development, as well as adults! I enjoy being my own boss and having the freedom to work as little or as much as I want.

The Musical Bumps team members are all delightful and I feel like I’ve been a part of the family for years already!

What is your background?

I have always been very musical and enjoyed singing and performing from a young age. I have a GCSE and A-Level in Music, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance. I have worked alongside Rufus Wainwright and the London Symphony Orchestra and performed in various bands, orchestras and choirs.  

How have you found the training and support from head office?

I enjoyed the freedom and independence of the online training, as it allows you to work at your own pace, but still gives you goals to work towards. Head office could not have been better! They gave me support come rain or shine, whatever the time of day, and never made me feel silly for asking too many questions! I can’t thank them enough for their welcoming and reassuring approach.

How did you feel about starting your own Musical Bumps business?

Nervous and excited, but more excited than anything! I like a challenge and setting up your own business from scratch is definitely that!  With the professional support I have received, I soon felt at ease and got right into the swing of it.

Which skills do you have which you feel will help you get your Musical Bumps business up and running?

I am very organised and like achieving my goals. This gives me the drive which is vital for setting up your business. I am very friendly and sometimes can’t stop smiling which I believe appeals to a lot of people! I am passionate about having a great reputation within the community, and therefore will enjoy delivering fantastic Musical Bumps classes everywhere I go.

And which skills do you feel you will need to acquire?

Having a bit more patience, as the business takes time to grow and develop. Also developing a thick skin, as people may not always say yes!

What’s your favourite Musical Bumps song so far and why?

I really enjoy ‘Going for a ride on a dinosaur’ as it always reminds me of Daisy our Musical Bumps dinosaur mascot. Children sit on parent’s laps as they’re bounced up and down, and they always seem to thoroughly enjoy themselves. It’s lots of fun!

What’s the best advice you’ve had?

Don’t underestimate your worth. Make use of all the musical skills you possess, and be proud of every little achievement.

Why do you think music is so important in the early years?

Babies, toddlers and pre-school children benefit so much from music education. They learn to express themselves in a creative way, as well as gaining vital speech and language development skills. It’s also great fun, and very enjoyable to listen to music and sing.

Have you seen any real examples of how music has made a real impact?

My brother has autism, and is always calmed down and more focussed when he’s listening to music. Whether it’s in the car, his bedroom, or part of a music group, he clearly enjoys being around music. There are many therapeutic qualities to music, which help many people.

What do you do when you’re not working?

I love being outside, but I also enjoy a good Netflix binge. (Who doesn’t?) I listen to music every single day, either in my car, on my phone, or sometimes I will attend live music gigs and events as there is nothing like live music! Living in South East London gives me countless city experiences on my doorstep, and I try to take advantage of what London has to offer.  

Finally, what do you sing in the shower?

I am obsessed with Lady GaGa and Dua Lipa and quite often find myself bursting into song at various times. I often listen to the radio while I shower, so if it’s familiar, I will sing along!

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