Musical Bumps is sincerely the best musical session that my son goes to with me! Belinda really knows how to engage the children and get the best out of them! Fun had by all including the parents, carers and grand parents alike!

Matt R

I would highly recommend this class to all and the earlier you start the better.

Nicola S

Fabulous class! I work as a childminder and find Nicky very helpful and informative. The children all love her and are so excited when they know that today is the day! The lessons are a good mix of songs the children know and a few new ones to challenge us. The props are excellent and keep the children engaged.

Helen C

My son, Ramsey, wasn't talking so we started at Musical Bumps in order to encourage him with his speech and language development. Belinda does a fantastic job - her enthusiasm and attention to detail is amazing. My son has even replayed the session back to his older siblings. His confidence is growing and he has the option to progress through the different groups from toddler to pre-schooler. Belinda’s interaction with the children is brilliant and Ramsey is benefiting greatly from it.


Fantastic way of encouraging toddlers and young children to interact, sing and have fun!

Matthew R

James and I have been going to Musical Bumps for over a month now and James really enjoys it. Lots of interaction with different musical instruments and props, lots of singing – old and new nursery rhymes. It’s a great way to meet other parents and children, and Belinda, the teacher, is brilliant.


It was my son, Gareth’s first free trial class today and he thoroughly enjoyed himself. Fun and interactive, fantastic singing by Helen and lovely group of mums and their little ones.

Priscilla E

A really fun engaging music session which is keenly priced compared to most of the other baby groups. My daughter loves it!


My daughter, now 2.5, has been going to Musical Bumps since she was a few months old and loves it. Her language development, understanding of and enjoyment of music have benefited hugely.

Kirsten A

Elizabeth and I have attended the baby class for the last five months and it has become a firm favourite in our weekly calendar. Belinda is very welcoming and puts us at ease and we have met lots of other lovely mums and babies. The songs are great fun and there is a good mix of activity to keep the babies interested. I sing to Elizabeth at home all the time now, something I never did before joining this class. Elizabeth simply loves Musical Bumps!