Lola had such a great time today! She can't wait till next week!

Kate R

Been attending Musical Bumps for over a year now, fantastic to see Ollie doing all the actions and even singing along to the songs (at home as well as in class). He's learnt loads, and I even sing at home now too!

Sarah B

Musical Bumps.... one word Amazing!! I never thought my little boy would sit down and keep still let alone join in and copy Belinda. Belinda is brilliant and Lenny loves her to the point he has to sit like her at home. All the songs have definitely helped with his speech; the other people that go are lovely and welcomed us. I can’t recommend this class enough.


Musical Bumps with Maree is so much fun - the children love her songs and games. She gets to know our children and they are so excited when they see her! The songs are cleverly aimed at the different age groups and you hear colleagues and children singing them during the week - we all know the words!

Heidi Khandji
Nursery Director and Manager, Cuddly Bear Day Care

Jacob absolutely loves his classes each week...he's usually quite shy but he seems to have no problems singing along and getting stuck in! This is testament to the fun and relaxed atmosphere that Angela has created.

Julie G

Belinda’s class is unusually well-suited to babies. She is welcoming to both parents, babies and their siblings. The songs are well designed to develop babies’ sense of rhythm and is a good blend of traditional folk songs and original songs. My eight month old baby always enjoys the class


We love Musical Bumps! My daughter, who's 11 months old, yelps with excitement as soon as we start singing in the class. It's a lovely class with friendly people.

Melisa O

Laurie's favourite class of the week: loves the songs, the music and instruments, and of course the superb Angela! Can't recommend it highly enough.

Claire T

This class is the highlight of my daughter's week. She loves Belinda, the songs and the instruments. Belinda's delivery is charismatic and energetic and the babies really engage with her. The songs are great and playful and having a CD to take home is brilliant as we get to carry on the Musical Bumps fun in between classes. A real gem of a class!


It's lovely to see my son join in on all the music and activities week by week, getting more confident at doing things

Nancy C