What will my child learn?

Experts agree that music benefits all areas of learning and that children who attend music classes from a young age have increased confidence, greater language skills and are flexible adaptable learners by the time they start school. Our classes include songs for counting, songs that rhyme, action songs, songs to develop musical and social skills through play, learning to listen, to take turns and to tidy up! As children progress to the older classes they will use props, percussion and puppets to help them find their singing voices and learn about rhythm and other musical concepts. Classes are themed with topics linked to the early years curriculum. School aged children will start to learn how to read and write music with simple notation, play tuned percussion and continue to learn through singing and musical games. All this provides solid foundations for future instrumental lessons!

Can you tell me a bit more about the classes?

Our classes are age specific and progressive. We have classes for new babies, one year olds, two year olds and children from three years to school age. Children can then progress to after school Musicianship Clubs or – in some schools – our teachers deliver the music curriculum to whole classes. Further details are available on the classes section of our website: http://www.musicalbumps.com/classes/

At what age can my child start?

There is no rule here – come along with your child whenever you would like to join us! We even welcome new-born babies at our baby classes. These classes offer you a peaceful time with new babies learning rocking songs, rhymes and lullabies in a calm environment.   This is an ideal time to start sharing music with your baby (and also meet others with babies of a similar age). Older children can start at any time, so give your local teacher a ring to find out which class will best suit them!

Can I try a class first?

All our teachers offer a free trial session. Contact the teacher in your local area to let them know you’d like to try a class.

How long are the classes?

Our classes are tailored to each age group – and to the numbers in each class.  Very young children find it hard to concentrate for too long, so our classes are for the maximum of an hour – but with a short break in the middle.  Some classes (without a midway break) are 45 minutes, whilst our small pre-school music classes are about 30 minutes.  Ask your teacher for exact timings!

What time are the classes?

Please see the ‘Find A Class’ section of our website for times of classes in your area.

Do you run term time only?

In most areas our classes run regularly during term time. However many of our teachers also run some holiday classes so it is worth checking with your local teacher. Some of our teachers also offer Saturday morning classes which families can enjoy together without the need for a weekly commitment. These are also ideal if you are working during the week. Please see the Find A Class section of our website for further information http://www.musicalbumps.com/when-and-where/

How many are there in the class?

Numbers vary depending on the age of your child, the popularity of the venue and other factors.  However, no class has more than about 20 families attending, and maximum class sizes reduce as children get older – so the 3+ class won’t have more than 12 children attending.

How much are the classes?

Class fees vary from teacher to teacher, so please contact your teacher directly.  However, all areas offer a free trial class before you sign up, so you can make sure the class suits you, and your routine.  All our teachers have special offers from time to time too – so check with them when you sign up!

I have children of different ages – do I have to pay for both children to attend the same class?

Our teachers offer generous discounts to families with twins or younger siblings. We usually recommend you attend the correct age group for your oldest child.

Can we pay just for the weeks we can come?

Our teachers concentrate on provided top quality classes, paying in advance and committing to a term makes this possible, as with swimming and other educational classes.   Children and adults attending the same class every week will get to know everyone and feel part of a team – this is good for them – and for the teacher who will know each child really well as time goes on.   For certain classes and in certain circumstances we can offer more flexibility however, so if paying for a whole term is not an option, you should contact your local teacher.

Granny is staying with us next week is it ok for her to watch?

Yes!  Grandparents, aunties and uncles are very welcome to join us.  Please just let us know if you are bringing more than one visitor with you!  Visitors are encouraged to take part in the class whenever possible!

I’m going back home to stay with my parents in Spain for a month will you hold my place?

Spaces will only be guaranteed if fees are paid in full.  If you don’t want to do that, then just contact us when you return and we’ll do our best to find you a space in your preferred class!

My child’s birthday is a couple of weeks into the new term, which class should they be in?

Our classes are tailored to specific age groups, so being in the correct class is quite important.   Baby, 1+ and 2+ classes can be joined at any time through the year, so check with your teacher about availability and move into the older group a little before or after their birthday.  3+ class is, however, best for children to start all together as the learning is progressive and builds on prior knowledge – so get advice from your local teacher before booking in!

Can I offer a block of classes as a birthday present to my nephew?

Yes! Gift vouchers are available on request.

Do I have to sing as I haven’t got a good voice?

Your baby loves your voice no matter what, he or she will get more from the class if you sing along. However if you really feel uncomfortable about singing, then make lots of eye contact and exciting facial expressions. At Musical Bumps, there are no solos, and there’s no pressure for you to sing at all if you’d rather not. Use the Welcome Pack Cd to sing along to at home when it is just you and your baby!

Can I join classes mid-term?

Subject to availability in the class this is usually possible.