Singing to baby

Why sing with your baby?

Singing with your baby is so important and just what they need. Your baby doesn’t need gadgets, gimmicks and gizmos. They need you. And your voice. Come to Musical Bumps classes for babies and learn some new songs and make some new friends! Our first stage classes are for babies from newborn until around their […]

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Emma Davis, Musical Bumps Medway

Business Launch in Medway – A Runaway Success!

Emma Davis has just launched one of our new Musical Bumps businesses – she’s based in the Medway Towns in North Kent.  We caught up with her to hear how it is all going!  Click here for details of her classes. Why did you choose a Musical Bumps business? When I was looking into early […]

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You never stop learning!

You never stop learning! In my humble opinion, anyone who says they’ve stopped learning is a liar.  About fifteen years ago, I was working in a school in Hackney (teaching music of course!!).  The head teacher had recently returned from being a lecturer at teacher training college – returning to the classroom to put his […]

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Monday is the Most Marvellous Musical Day!

Thanks to Grace at my school for this title – she came out with it only this morning – when considering her day ahead.  I have to admit to adding the “marvellous” to it (I do love a bit of alliteration!). Last week was a disaster on the cycling/running front – I failed (almost entirely) and instead […]

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Help! I Can’t Sing!

Ask a room full of people about their singing skills and this is what you might learn: One or two might say they can sing (or their friends will tell me for them!). Some will reluctantly acknowledge that their voice is “good enough”, and some will say “Terrible – I can’t sing for toffee”. Whilst […]

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New Lesson Plans, New Backing Tracks!

At Musical Bumps, we don’t expect all our teachers to deliver a fixed lesson plan at any class. Our teachers are all wonderfully creative and love putting their own touches to our classes. We do, however, provide lesson plans for our core classes and we’ve added some little twists to the plans this time round! […]

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Babies and Children Need Human Interaction

Musical Bumps director, Sarah Marsh, now writes for the Huffington Post.  Here is one of her articles about ditching gadgets in favour of keeping it simple – singing lovely songs, playing simple games like peek-a-boo, playing real instruments, splashing in puddles!  She worries about the huge increase in “sensory” classes – where children are stimulated […]

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